President, GrindEthos Records

Founder and CEO Meghann Wright has been active in independent and major label music communities for 15 years across America from Americana to Hip Hop to Hardcore Punk and Metal scenes. Her work with indie artists, major label recording studios, PR companies, venues big and small, booking agencies, NPOs, media outlets, and bands and musicians from all genres has shaped her experience and skills to suit the needs of artists at every level, from every walk of life. 

Dani Mari

Vice President, GrindEthos Records

Dani Mari is a multi genre music producer and visual artist that works with artists from all over the world.  She is currently working on a solo album as Primitive Heart and her love for shoegaze has brought about collaborations with ViolenteneOmega VagueXeresa and more. 

As a visual artist, Dani Mari creates live visuals for her performances and other events.  She is a huge horror fan and created a series of songs & horror films inspired by Dario Argento's movies about witches (Suspiria, Inferno & Mother of Tears) with Johnny Butler for Cruel Beauty Productions & premiered them at the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival.

Dani Mari is the founder of Female Frequency, a community dedicated to empowering female, transgender & non-binary artists through the creation of music that is entirely female generated.  She created an album made entirely by women with co-founders I Am Snow Angel & Claire London, Madame Gandhi, Ryat and many other female producers & engineers. 


Aaron is an experienced member of the New England metal scene, performing in bands Hivesmasher, In Dire Need, and others, working with bands like Oh, The Humanity and The Hostage Heart. These connections led him to Brooklyn, becoming an integral member of the East Coast independent heavy music industry. 

Album cycle management: Wreath of Tongues, Hivesmasher - ascension into dismal stages (Vacant Sea Records), gutter choir (Black Market Activities), The Mammon Machine - despised by divinity (independently released). Booking: Bro Down Booking (MA, RI, NH, CT). TM: Wreath of Tongues, Hivesmasher, Oh, The Humanity, Dysentery, The Hostage Heart, Tentacles


Victoria mccrory

Vikki focuses on tour booking and management, communications, administration and distribution at GrindEthos. 

Vikki is a singer, pop songwriter, aspiring producer, and long time multi-genre music lover. She holds a bachelor's degree in psychology and has worked within the field, but has always had a much stronger passion for music and a deep desire to work in the music industry full time. She has been involved in her local music community for 10 years and has gotten to know and collaborate with many different types of artists along the way, from pop and electronic producers to alternative and pop punk bands. Through this experience, Vikki has developed a deep understanding for the needs of artists, recognizes that every artist is different, and has the drive and knowledge to help artists reach their unique goals.

Marguerite King

Marguerite King, otherwise known as the Riff Witch of Asbury Park, is the singer and lead guitarist of riff-rock power-trio, Little Vicious. With a background ranging in graphic design, video production, professional whiskey drinking, tour management, Olympic soccer and more - there is no task thrown at her that King can not find a solution to.