In addition to helping unsigned artists market their music to the world, we are now a fully-fledged record label! As an imprint of Stillwater Recordings, our artists now enjoy worldwide distribution through The Orchard.


We have developed the following offerings after working closely with a diverse variety of artists at many different stages in their careers. Our main goal is to help artists, so if these packages don't feel like a perfect fit, we will work with you to customize our services to your exact needs.

To learn more about how we can help take your career to the next level, please contact us.



For the budding indie artist

  • 3 Month Marketing Strategy

  • Digital Branding + Marketing

  • Social Media Consultation

  • Booking Support


For the emerging artist

  • 6 Month Marketing Strategy

  • Digital Branding + Marketing

  • Social Media Consultation + Reboot

  • Booking Support and Outreach

  • Media Outlet Outreach


For the professional artist

  • 12 Month Marketing Strategy

  • Digital Branding + Marketing

  • Social Media Consultation + Reboot

  • Booking Support and Outreach

  • Media Outlet Outreach

  • Album Cycle Management


Album Cycle Management

Whether you are releasing your album independently or with a label, managing action items and deadlines can be a daunting task. Our Album Cycle Management service takes the pressure off of you to market and promote the album professionally. 

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Release Timeline

  • Digital Branding and Promotion

  • Media Outlet Outreach / PR

  • Social Media Skins

Artist Development

While all of our services inherently involve artist development to some degree, this service is all about YOU and how you represent yourself to fans and industry professionals.

  • Digital Presence Assessment

  • Visual Branding

  • Live Performance Aesthetic

  • Social Media + Website Curation and Reboot

  • Target List Creation


Today the most important resource for fans and industry professionals to learn about you and your music is your artist website. As partners with Bandzoogle, we can curate your site to excite visitors about your art. If Bandzoogle is not your first choice, we can work with you to create sites via Squarespace, WIX, and Wordpress or update your current sites on those platforms. 

  • Visual Branding

  • Email Collection

  • Native Music and Video Players

  • Creative Flow

  • Client Customization

  • Web Store


Many of GrindEthos' success stories have started with a stellar crowdfunding + album pre-sale campaign. We'll help you assess your financial needs, curate an effective strategy, and see the campaign through to the end.

  • Financial + Sales Goal Assessment

  • Incentive Curation

  • CRM / Email Marketing

  • Timeline + Action Item Management


Every artist has a unique history and ethos all their own. Telling this story to media outlets, industry tastemakers and potential new fans is an integral part of artist development!

  • Artist interview

  • 500+ word bio

  • EPK / One Sheet Creation

  • Website integration


GrindEthos is partnering with Bandzoogle

to help artists create dynamic, engaging websites that showcase their art and tell their story to both fans and industry professionals. 


GrindEthos clients receive a FREE 30-day trial, plus 15% off first year of any Bandzoogle subscription.

Plans start at only $8.29/month, including free registration of your own .COM domain.

If you want to check it out, Click here to use our promo code and start your risk-free trial.

In addition, we offer in-house web design and support. If you don't feel up to creating your own site, we have team members standing by to create it for you.


Design + Maintenance Rates

  • Standard 5 Pages (Music, Media, About, News or Blog, Contact) $350

  • Emerging Indie Artist (Standard 5 Tab + EPK) $400

  • Pro Website (Standard 5 Tab + EPK + Merch Store) $500

  • Additional Pages: $50/ea

  • Yearly Maintenance Package - 4 updates (typically one update per quarter for a full year) $200


The turnaround time for design varies on the content and assets supplied by the artist - logos, photos, music, videos, links, etc. But it typically takes 7 business days.


Please note: it is our goal to help artists, so if none of these seems like the perfect fit, please let us know and we will customize the perfect package and rate to fit your needs!