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The Morning Sea premieres new single "How is Your Heart?"

October 12 Ghost Cult Mag premiered single “How is Your Heart?”

New York City’s The Morning Sea are releasing their new album Destructive Songs, the third in their career, on November 2nd. The self-proclaimed “Gotham Americana” band flexes their style with a multitude of influences but are mainly a stew of subversive, infectious and clever alternative rock and folk music. Ghost Cult is proud to partner with the band today to debut their new single “How Is Your Heart?”, right now!

You can buy the track right now and pre-order the album from Spotify here. They recently premiered the first single in the form of a crowd-sourced dance footage music video – ‘(I’ve Invented A) Maneuver’. They will be playing their hometown record release show Oct 30th atMercury Lounge NY, w/ Bird Streets.

Destruction Songs, was recorded in producer/engineer Andy Baldwin’s (Bjork, St. Lucia, HAERTS, Morcheeba) cabin studio in upstate New York. Recorded mostly live over the course of a long weekend – with some additional recording done at Baldwin’s Brooklyn studio, Rola Pola. Although the music of The Morning Sea sounds upbeat and sunny at times, there is an underlying melancholy that runs through some of the tracks, with themes of hope, despair, love, loss, regret, and redemption. The album will be self-released by the band on November 2.

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The Morning Sea drops new music video via New Noise

September 25 - New Noise ran the premiere of The Morning Sea’s music video for their song “(I’ve invented a) Maneuver” – watch it below. The track is taken from the band’s album Destruction Songs, which is scheduled to be released later this Fall.

The band commented on the video:

The video for ‘(I’ve invented a) Maneuver’ is a DIY dance party. Featuring members of The Morning Sea and others dancing in black and white with flashes of color, the footage was culled together through crowd-sourced video submissions from friends and followers via a call-to-action on social media. The song itself arrived one day on a lark in the rehearsal room, when the band started riffing on an old bit by the comedian Eddie Izzard about the invention of the Heimlich Maneuver. We decided the best way to compliment this song which was born out of pure joy and silliness would be with a music video that exudes the same spirit.Destruction Songs, the third album by The Morning Sea, was recorded in producer/engineer Andy Baldwin’s (Bjork, St. Lucia, HAERTS, Morcheeba) cabin studio in upstate New York. Recorded mostly live over the course of a long weekend – with some additional recording done at Baldwin’s Brooklyn studio, Rola Pola – these songs capture the band in their most vibrant and creative state, feeding off of each other’s impulses and recreating the energetic vibe of their live shows. Musically the album is upbeat and electrifying, save for the final track which serves as a sort of cool-down reflection on what’s come before. Meanwhile, singer/songwriter Adam Cohen’s lyrics cover themes of hope, despair, love, loss, regret, and redemption.

Upcoming Shows:
Oct 30 – NYC at Mercury Lounge( Album Release Show) w/ Bird Streets  TICKETS

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BEiTTHEMEANS drops new video for "The Black (2018)" via New Noise Mag

Watch the new music video directed by VIDEO RAHIM (Mastodon, P. Diddy) for BiTM new single "The Black (2018)"

The track is taken from the band’s forthcoming EP Alabama Calling, which is scheduled to be released on August 31, 2018 through Cornelius Chapel Records. You can pre-order the EP here.

The band will be hitting the road this fall with Mustasch for 30 dates.


BEiTTHEMEANS breakout EP Alabama Calling is the jewel crowning 15 years of crafting triumphantly authentic southern rock and roll. Recorded at Sonic Lounge Studios by Joe Viers (Marshall Tucker Band, Lydia Loveless), the album has a solid radio rock quality showcasing the Alabama power trio’s dynamic blues-infused melodic metal songwriting and electrifying performance. With lyrics and aesthetic flowing effortlessly from working class blues to the occult, they’ve been described as “Tom Petty and Clutch writing songs together” (Marty McCoy, Bobaflex), and have been featured on the hit FX drama Sons of Anarchy.

For fans of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Black Sabbath, SRV, 16 Horsepower, QOTSA, Kings of Leon, and Mastodon.

Connect with the band: Official Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify

AUSTIN LUCAS Premieres new single via American Songwriter

On August 17, Austin Lucas will release a new album, Immortal Americans. Following 2016’s Between The Moon And The MidwestImmortal Americansmarks Lucas’ first release since parting ways with label New West Records, and also follows major life events like Lucas’ finding sobriety and helping his partner get through cancer.

Lucas co-produced Immortal Americans with Will Johnson, known for his work both as a solo artist and with the band Centro-matic. The famed Steve Albini recorded and mixed the album.

Ahead of Immortal Americans‘ release, Lucas has shared the album’s title track. “Immortal Americans” begins as a slow lament for outsiders and underdogs, before eventually building to a melodic anthem that celebrates those who transcended their outsider statuses to find community with like-minded, compassionate folks.

“This song is dedicated to the outsiders and ‘freaks’ who grew up in small towns and the rural countrysides of America, the folks who discovered themselves and suffered for it when their identities fell outside of the mainstream,” Lucas says. “Hated at school, misunderstood at home, singled out by cops, chased through alleyways, and attacked by classmates and neighbors—too many of us experienced an alienating, anxious, and oftentimes scary childhood. However difficult these early experiences were, many of us were fortunate enough to find like-minded people. We created lifelong bonds, weathered numerous trials, lifted each other up, and became stronger, more compassionate human beings. I wrote this song for us.”

- American Songwriter

Wreath of Tongues drop digital 45 via MetalInjection

New York's Wreath Of Tongues continue to blow my mind every time I check in on them. Like the perfect soundtrack to a bloodbath killing spree, their songs are filled with more angst and hate than most humans can handle, and rarely ever comes up for a breath of air. They're easily one of the most violent sounding bands I've heard to come out of the big apple, and I can't wait for them to knock you in the face.

That's why I'm beyond stoked to premiere their latest offering, in the form of a 45 called Like Rats. Which means not only one, but two songs for your disgusted pleasures! Both songs contain the unrestrained level of raw aggression I spoke about earlier, and if you're into that sort of thing, buy the damn thing right now!

Wreath Of Tongues comments on the track meanings:

Reprobate – "When you wake up and it seems as though the universe keeps playing sick joke after joke on you: that's this song. Not a lot changes for people who are just trying to get by and live simple lives. More and more just keeps getting shoveled on top."

Enemy – "The sick, broken, boring and bored go out of their way to create drama where there is none. No matter where you go, you'll find these people in every nook and corner of life. How you handle these people that want to rattle your rage due to their own inadequacies is your choice."

Pre-order your copy of Wreath Of Tongues' Like Rats via their Bandcamp Page right now, or grab it for the official release this Friday!

- Frank Godla, MetalInjection


Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 11.45.31 AM.png

Stars align. Be it cosmic or divine intervention, there comes a time when the chips fall in your favor, the light shines in the shadows or even on a dog’s hindquarters. For newly energized folk/punk mainstay Austin Lucas, that time is now. The singer/songwriter just entered Electrical Audio in Chicago with everyone’s favorite jumpsuit-clad audio genius, engineer extraordinaire Steve Albini.

The cantankerous Shellac and Big Black frontman, who also boasts studio credits with the likes of Nirvana, the Pixies, PJ Harvey and the Stooges (among manyothers), will guide the process with accompanying artistry from former Centro-matic main man Will Johnson, as well as Lucas’ family members, most notably Austin’s father Bob, a multi-instrumentalist/songwriter/producer known for his work with Alison Krauss. Todd Beene (Lucero, Glossary, Chuck Ragan) will be handling pedal-steel duties as they all team up for (and as) Immortal Americans.

“In my estimation, there isn’t a single human being alive who has been responsible for recording more music that I love (than Albini),” says Lucas. “As I can say with certainty that I’ve never poured more of myself into a collection of songs, I can’t think of anyone who I’d prefer to have at the engineering helm. This project has been a long time in the making, and I’m excited to finally be headed into the studio with so many amazing people. This album will be a new direction for me, in a way only hinted at before on (2009’s) Somebody Loves You.”

2018 promises to be a big one for Last Chance Records, as the label announces an acoustic Lucas LP, Field Recordings, followed later by Immortal Americans. When asked if having Albini, Johnson and Co. involved in the making of Immortal Americans means that things will be getting loud and fuzzy or, instead, a bit more laid back, Lucas responds, “Yes.”

As you digest that, here’s an added bonus for your listening pleasure: a stripped-down, acoustic version of one of the songs from Field Recordings that will be revamped and fleshed out for Immortal Americans: “Killing Time.” Enjoy it here.

—Scott Zuppardo

Folk Music, Bitcoin, and Liberty: Tatiana Moroz' New Album KEEP THE FAITH Out Now

Tatiana Moroz powerful new album is available now wherever you stream or purchase music. 

Entrepreneurial Indie Artist and Libertarian Icon Tatiana Moroz Releases Powerful New Album Keep The Faith

Crypto’s leading musician is funding her new album Keep the Faith with her invention TATIANACOIN

New York, NY - March 31, 2017-  Tatiana Moroz, the libertarian singer-songwriter and Bitcoin pioneer today released her new album Keep The Faith. Her first studio album in 5 years kicks off an upcoming crowdfunded tour of advocacy and music.

Tatiana said, “This album is really special to me because it represents resilience. Despite all the slings and arrows thrown my way the past few years, I have emerged stronger and more confident in my quest to help better humanity through music, culture, and technology. The album shows how I ‘Keep the Faith’ and stay true to myself and the values I have in the face of adversity. These are tumultuous times, and staying truly committed to doing what's right can be challenging, but in the end, it is the only way to live.”

Tatiana is funding the album and tour through an independent crowdfunding effort on her site Throughout the campaign, Tatiana has been sharing exclusive content with her fans and followers including FB live videos, weekly Tatiana Show episodes, and in- studio performances of singles from the album. Keep the Faith  themes include freedom and peace, as well as advocacy for alleged Silk Road creator Ross Ulbricht, and using technology as a tool for independence.

“Mainstream music used to challenge us to push our culture forward, but these days it is very homogenous. Artist coins put the power back in the hands of curators and empower free speech. For example, I decided to use a drawing of me made by Ross as my album cover to make a statement against the US government’s unfair prosecution of a non-violent offender who was handled with well publicized corruption and constitutional violations. It’s immoral and as an artist, I have an obligation to stand up and say: ‘no more’,” Tatiana said. "My single, “Silk Road,” is dedicated to Ross and our plight for securing his freedom."

Live studio performance of “Silk Road”:

Tatiana continued, “TATIANACOIN marks the first artist coin: a digital currency that removes the middle-man and smooths contracts, payments and communications. The platform I use,, puts the power of music back into the hands of the fans and content creators, enabling true ownership by leveraging of Blockchain technology. Fans can now be directly responsible for their artists’ success, participate in an ecosystem that allows for direct communication and engagement, and can own digital music that can be traded, shared, streamed, and sold while not violating artist copyright. Artist coins will enable songwriters, record labels, and publishers to seamlessly register their work, view tamper-proof payment contracts, and distribute songs with all the splits built in. This will streamline the licensing process and ensure all the parties are fairly compensated.”

Tatiana has so far performed songs from Keep the Faith all over the world and will continue her tour across North America and Europe later this year. (Please find a complete list of upcoming events here:

“This tour and album will be the most significant part of my journey as an artist. The overall goal is to digress from the financial and social pitfalls prevalent in today’s music industry by giving the power and the rewards back to the artist and fans. Equally important to me is educating and inspiring up-and-coming artists to use this technology and the voice of the crowd to their advantage,” concluded Tatiana.


“Yes, Tatiana's music puts on display some powerful chops. More importantly, her talent has a profound authenticity and sincerity that is so rare today. It comes from the heart, and touches the heart for that reason. One listen makes you a believer.”

“Tatiana Moroz’s anticipated new album “Keep the Faith” is packed with beautifully produced songs that showcase her passion for freedom, while cataloging intimate chapters of her life.  The title track ‘Keep the Faith’ grips you and won’t let you go, while classic tracks like ‘Same Side,’ ‘Safe with You,’ and ‘Make a Youtube Video’ get the full production treatment they rightly deserve.  Songs of love, loss and forgiveness mingle with liberty anthems and calls for justice like ‘Silk Road.’  Southern rock and folk influences lay the foundation for Tatiana’s signature smooth and passionate vocals, carrying her message in ballads of peace. A deeply personal album, I highly recommend it.”

  • Jordan Page, renowned musician advocating freedom

“Gorgeous New Jersey singer-songwriter, political activist and crypto-currency pioneer “Tatiana Moroz is back in a big way with the EP release "Keep the Faith". The collection of five tracks carries with it the sweet singing, catchy melodies and passionate themes tinged with fiery advocacy for individual liberty and fairness amidst the turbulence of modern America.

This patriotic troubadour has further matured as a songwriter without losing any of the appeal of her earlier work or her conviction in fighting for what she believes in. "Keep the Faith" is an essential musical document chronicling personal struggle and reaffirmed commitment to liberty as related by one of its signature personalities.”

  • Jason Daniel Baker, Music Critic

Fans can purchase Keep the Faith and TATIANACOIN in bitcoin and in US dollars on Tatiana’s website. For more information, visit

Hear the new album Keep the Faith:

Live studio performance of “Safe With You”:

Dreambrother Releases New Single "Teeth"

Atlanta indie rockers Dreambrother graced us with a lush new song called "Teeth" this month, it is now available wherever you stream or buy music. Also check out their Facebook page for an exclusive live video of the song covered by Kyle Seitz.

The City & The Heart Volume 3 Out Now!