No Depression Premieres BEiTTHEMEANS Full EP, Out Friday via CORNELIUS CHAPEL RECORDS

BEiTTHEMEANS' breakout EP Alabama Calling is the jewel crowning 15 years of crafting triumphantly authentic rock'n'roll. Recorded at Sonic Lounge Studios, the album has a rock solid radio quality showcasing the Alabama trio's dynamic blues-infused yet melodic metal songwriting with lyrics and aesthetic flowing effortlessly from working-class blues to the occult. They procure austere yet dark, southern rock-n-roll in a black metal vein. A true power trio that stays on the road and has been paying their dues for over a decade picking up voracious fans along the way.

"'The Black (2018)' was recorded on a Neve, it's the best we’ve ever sounded in a studio. I wanted to make the strongest album I could imagine. You could hear this song on the radio, but it’s not cheesy. Strong so you couldn’t refuse it. A stepping stone to get people to go back in time and check out what we’ve done for years and years." The band adds. “I want people to make what they want of the songs, I hope they don’t take where they come from or even where they live for granted because it’s something special. Being in a band you’re just going off hope that something works. I got the idea to write “Alabama Calling” when I was driving home from tour and “Sweet Home Alabama” came on and I just wanted to write about how it made me feel… No matter who you are you’ll miss home. With "Blue Collar", it's kinda a working-class song. Seems like everything's coming at you constantly. We realize that none of us are more important than the song. We’re gonna die and be forgotten about. But the song is gonna live on. Those things are always gonna be here. In between now and then just chasing the neon rainbow living the honky tonk dream. I’m just a nobody trying to be somebody. If it’s in your blood you just gotta do it.”

Do it, and do it well. It's about time there's been a broken mold in the chasm. BEiTTHEMEANS combines sonic forces for a refreshing take on power blues and down-home, power-driving rock'n'roll. A mere cycle through the EP below explains that in droves, far better than any hack writer sitting at a keyboard. Y'all enjoy...


Out 8/31 on Cornelius Chapel Records, get some here! Catch them on the road starting next week with like-minded Swedish metal gods Mustach.


Exclusive Premiere: LOS BUNGALITOS "When Amelioration is Futile" via Ghost Cult Magazine

Get an exclusive listen and look at the lyrics to the unreleased song "When Amelioration is Futile" from LOS BUNGALITOS' new album Nueva Inglaterra that comes out September 7. 


Ghost Cult Magazine

Exclusive Premiere

2017 GrindEthos Wrap Up

This year GrindEthos turned a year old! Big thanks to all of our artists and staff for making 2017 a killer year. 


Bask released Ramble Beyond via Self Aware and This Charming Man to critical acclaim and shot a Gear Gods Weekly Riff at Chicago Music Exchange on their U.S. tour with Pallbearer

Tatiana Moroz self-released her liberty album Keep The Faith and traveled the world teaching artists about cryptocurrency 

Austin Lucas toured the US and EU and recorded two albums - Field Recordings on his own in a chapel in Wisconsin, and Immortal Americans with Steve Albini and Will Johnson, both to be released in 2018

Wreath of Tongues and Merchant Mariner both released debut albums to critical acclaim

The Morning Sea recorded two albums to be released in 2018 and played countless shows in New York

Stonecutters toured the U.S. sharing stages with GWAR, Obituary and more, as well as funded their upcoming 2018 studio album through a successful pre-sale campaign, also featured on Gear Gods

Founder Meghann Wright self-released "Heroes" and Blacktop Records released her song "California" alongside Lisa Loeb, Jonah Matranga. Both songs were produced by Zac Maloy in Nashville TN. She also facilitated The City & The Heart's 4th compilation album release featuring independent female-identifying singer-songwriters in NY benefitting Safe Horizon

The roster continues to grow with new artists like Los BungalitosSally Morgan and Old Heavy Hands who you will be hearing more from in 2018.

Last but not least, GrindEthos welcomes Dani Mari to the team!

Thanks for making 2017 rad, hears to a rockin' 2018!