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Austin Lucas premieres new music video "My Mother and The Devil"

September 11 New Noise premiered Austin Lucas’ music video for his song “My Mother and The Devil” (watch it below). The track is taken from his latest album, Immortal Americans, which is available now through Cornelius Chapel Records.

“The album was written in no small part as tribute to the quickly changing region of Indiana I grew up in,” Lucas told Noisey. “I deliberately placed this body of work, squarely between the darkness of where I once saw my place in the world, and the light that I see myself moving towards now.”

Austin Lucas is currently on tour with his band The Bold Party. You can check out his upcoming tour dates here.

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HECTORINA Drops Two New Singles




American Pancake featured Hectorina's brilliant art rock track "Crown of Holly" the same day they unleashed "Ellipses" into the streaming universe

40 seconds into the track Crown of Holly by Charlotte's (North Carolina) Hectorina amid pearly guitar picking, patterned drums, and fable-esque fever dream lyrics a surprising bass half note pops out at you. Shortly after, Dylan Gilbert waxes poetic about "a small swarm of bees, 3 or 4 helping each other, place a crown of holly on my head... on my head". As you follow this three piece art band down their rabbit hole the song ebbs and flows and eventually erupts into a cyclone of sounds. It is a beautifully trippy multi colored art piece.

Hectorina is Dylan Gilbert (guitar / main vocals), John Harrel III (drums) and Zachary Jordan (bass) and have been painting outside musical lines since 2012. While I may call what they do as art rock, their blend of music stirs in post rock, proto punk and progressive rock colors too (just to name a few).
Like in Crown of Holly their art rock can flow into the abstract and in 2015 the boys teamed up with local performers Caitlyn Swett (Triptych Collective), Mike Gentry (Mall Goth), Chris O'Neil (Shakespseare Carolina) and set designer Jon Prichard (Sinergismo) to turn their 2013 rock opera Collywobble into a theatrical production.

Crown of Holly is from Hectorina's 4th full length album "Muck" that drops June 1st of this year (2018) and is currently available as a digital and vinyl pre-order on their Bandcamp page (see below). Produced by Daniel Hodges at Fidelitorium it's trippy prose is about something. From the band: "Written during the 2016 election cycle, this album is inspired by the sound and attitudes of 90's post-rock, post punk and classic pop rock. Muck explores repetition, despondence and trying to find peace of mind in this murky modern America."
- Robb Donker, American Pancake





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HECTORINA's new track "Lighting the Lanterns" via Overblown Mag

This is post-punk. Hectorina hail from Charlotte in North Carolina. Since 2012, they have been relentlessly exploring a sonic angularity and dissonance. They temper this extremism with a penchant for passages of restraint and cohesion.

This is abundantly clear on new track ‘Lighting The Lanterns’. A track that swings from the most violent of post-punk to an indie rock sound not 100 miles away from Jim James’ My Morning Jacket, their approach is one of playfulness and adventure.

The track will see release on their upcoming album Muck, which is set to come out this June. “Written during the 2016 election cycle, this album is inspired by the sound and attitudes of 90’s post-rock, post-punk and classic pop rock. Muck explores repetition, despondence, and trying to find peace of mind in this murky modern America,” adds the band.

Pre-order the album via Bandcamp.

- Jamie Coughlan, Overblown

Meghann Wright Releases New Single "California" via Blacktop Records

Founder Meghann Wright released new single "California" Friday February 23 via Blacktop Records.

Meghann was on tour and just coming out of a tumultuous toxic relationship when she met her friend Zac Maloy, seasoned Nashville songwriter. Meghann and Zac wrote "California" within 15 minutes of meeting each other and it took about 30 minutes all together.

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THE MORNING SEA Releases New Single "Listen, Love"

January 23, THE MORNING SEA celebrated the release of their new single "Listen, Love" to a packed Rockwood Music Hall in Manhattan NY. Ear To The Ground featured the lush song on their Folk Playlist:

"Just listen to that harmonica, will ya? This is a wonderful song by a talented rising band. They remind me a little of how I felt when I first heard St Paul de Vence some years ago. It’s almost chamber folk in the composition and performance style. Whatever you call it, this is beautifully intriguing music. I love the harmonies and strings by equal measure." - eartotheground

WREATH OF TONGUES Premiers New Single "Golden Shroud" via Metal Injection

WREATH OF TONGUES Brings the Face pummeling With "Golden Shroud"

"The New York-based four-piece, Wreath Of Tongues, are about to unleash a new EP called Out With The Good, and it is fierce as fuck! With a dash of grind, punk, death, and math punching through your speakers, WOT mixes shit up with sharp turns and keeps you moving.

I'm excited to share the premiere for "Golden Shroud", a pummeling track that will make you an instant fan of what these guys are doing" - Frank Godla. Metal Injection [Full Article]