HECTORINA's new track "Lighting the Lanterns" via Overblown Mag

This is post-punk. Hectorina hail from Charlotte in North Carolina. Since 2012, they have been relentlessly exploring a sonic angularity and dissonance. They temper this extremism with a penchant for passages of restraint and cohesion.

This is abundantly clear on new track ‘Lighting The Lanterns’. A track that swings from the most violent of post-punk to an indie rock sound not 100 miles away from Jim James’ My Morning Jacket, their approach is one of playfulness and adventure.

The track will see release on their upcoming album Muck, which is set to come out this June. “Written during the 2016 election cycle, this album is inspired by the sound and attitudes of 90’s post-rock, post-punk and classic pop rock. Muck explores repetition, despondence, and trying to find peace of mind in this murky modern America,” adds the band.

Pre-order the album via Bandcamp.

- Jamie Coughlan, Overblown