Welcome Seattle Bandit Rockers MERCHANT MARINER

Like all monstrous creatures, Merchant Mariner was borne by the sea—just outside Anchorage, in fact. Another college grad with nothing but an acoustic, and a captain who loved to say, "Harmonica's the easiest instrument to learn and the hardest to master." They brought home more salmon than any boat in Alaska that summer.

Back on the mainland, Joe Plucker shook out his sea legs around Seattle. Merchant Mariner was but a handful of songs in his head. It took a Southwestern spirit quest and a seven year scratch in Brooklyn to make sense of it all. Finally, he returned home like a prodigal son with a few more fish stories to tell.

Where the facts begin and the fables end is of little consequence. Joe's reunited with childhood friends Tyler Veil and Ty McKinley, guitarist and bassist respectively—The Tys or The Ties or The Thais, depending on your demographic. The crew's rounded out by virtuoso violinist Caitlin Olive, multi-instrumentalist siren Rhea Melina, pirate pianist Branden Rickard, and drummer Thaddeus Kennedy, the anchor.

They're a fleet of bandit rockers, mindful of tradition yet salty lipped and barbed. It's maritime music for the rogue waves of today. And even when Puget Sound turns so warm that tropical fish find their way to Seattle, Merchant Mariner will be there, making sure the salmon still run and the Hawks run it from the one.